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The LNS-T33 Ultra Long Zoom Lens from Sanyo, whose name is synonymous with quality optics, offers an ideal way to expand the capabilities of many Sanyo projectors. Projectors like the PLC-XP100L, XP200L and the PLV-80L.

Ultra Long Zoom Lens
Adds flexibility for presentations given in large venues

Compatible Projectors
They include the PLC-XP100L, XP200L (1.3") and the PLV-80L (1.2")

Long Focus Zoom
The zoom feature allows a variety of projector distances while keeping image size consistent. Use the lens when the projector needs to be positioned far away from the screen but large image size needs to be maintained

PLC-XP100L/PLC-XP200L (1.3") Projectors
Throw Distance Ratio: 5.7-9.0:1
Distance: 23.3-233' (7.1 - 71.1 m)
Image Size Min: 48 x 36" (121.9 x 91.4 cm)
Image Size Max: 320 x 240 (812.8 x 609.6 cm) Vertical Lens Shift: 10:0-1:1
Horizontal Lens Shift: 2:3-3:2

PLV-80L (1.2") Projector
Throw Distance Ratio: 5.7-8.9:1
Distance: 25.3-256.2' (7.7 - 78.1 m)
Image Size Min: 52.3 x 29.4" (132.8 x 74.7 cm)
Image Size Max: 348.6 x 196.1" (885.5 x 498.1 cm)
Vertical Lens Shift: 7:-1-1:1

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